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fac badkamerBathrooms:

In the main building there are two bathrooms for men and women; each has two sinks, two showers and toilets. We provide toiletpaper, handsoap and toiletspray, and all is kept clean very well.

fac badhuis









The new bathhouse (in use since 2014, see Blog for the opening-ceremony) has spacious toilets, 2x3 sinks and 4 big showers.Toiletpaper, handsoap and toiletspray is taken care of. So we have a very comfortable amount of bathroom-space on the campsite for all guests

fac badhuis1

fac badhuis2

The showers have lockable doors (not on picture), and are big enough for a parent to shower together with their child.  Enough facilities at the campsite to ensure a comfortable stay for everyone.

fac afwasplekfac afwasruimte1



In the main building there are two sinks with hot and cold water, for doing the dishes, with a wonderfull view on the campsite. At the bathhouse there are 2 further possibilities for doing the dishes, outside but comfortably under the big wooden roof, also with marvellous view during your work.

The sinks are placed opposite of each other, so that you can have a chat with other guests during your washing up. 


In the main building there is a small cozy kitchen where you can cook your meal on gas and/or on an old traditional wood-oven. It is also a multifunctional room, you can eat there, or play some cards or a party game on cool evenings, while heating the stove.

fac keukenfac kookgelegenheid1

fac keukenkast

There is a refrigerator, table/chairs to sit on, and the old sideboard is our mini-farmshop, where  you can buy homemade farmproducts like marmelade, pickles, honey, fresh eggs and fruit/flower liqueurs. There is also lots of information at your disposal about the surroundings, the region, and Slovakia in general

fac broodserviceBread service:

A large part of the season (in any case from 1 June to 15 August) we have a fresh bread and rolls service, where you can order your bread or rolls on demand for the next day. (freshly brought by the baker at 5 A.M.!)


"Stodola"; multifunctional space. For meeting, enjoying the terrace, cooking, reading and providing information:

Our newest project is the large wooden shed. Intended as extra camping comfort, and ideal for meeting and exchanging experiences. You can have a chat with other guests , while enjoying a cold beer, good Slovak wine from the self-service-bar. Also available housemade fruit/flower liqueurs, herbal tea and coffee. Relax on the spacious terrace with a lovely view!

fac terras 1fac schuur

Also available a freezer with all kinds off icecreams, where you can put in your cooling elements. The spacious kitchen (in use from June 2019) with 2 gas stoves and oven offers comfortable cooking. In this kitchen we also prepare our home made products such as jams and liqueurs; you can help preparing, or just come and have a look. There is a large map of the area with lots of information and a special daytrip-box waiting for you. Nice daytrips and beautiful hikes prepared ahead for you. It is simple ... just pick a trip together with your family, take the laminated sheet and your day out is arranged! Furthermore, a international exchange library and board games are available for all guests. 

WI-FI/ internet:  On the whole campsite, on the terrace and in the holidayhouse, there is free WI-FI at your disposal.

fac vijver

Swimming pond:

On warm days you can enjoy our biological swimming pond, with swimmingspace of 5x11 meters. Natural water without chlorine! Depth is 1.60-1.80 meters, and the use is on your own responsibility. Af course ther is a fence around it, and only bigger children are able to open the fencedoor. Guests with little children that cannot swim can borrow our childrens-mini-pool, which they can install directly beside their caravan or tent.

fac kampvuurplaats

Logfire / Fire-place:

The fire-place is for jointly use and is equiped with wooden benches. It is proven to be an ideal spot to make some contact with other guests, or exchange experiences and stories about beautiful daytrips. There always are lots of nationalities on the campsite, so you can practise other languages too! :) Also available a guitar! 

fac hangstoelen

Common use:

On the campsite there are several facilities for common use like relaxchairs, hammocks, chairs and tables where you can sit down, relax, or enjoy your meal under the fruittrees. There is also a covered seating area under the roof of the bathhouse.

fac gulasketelFor a small amount you can borrow one of the traditional frying/cooking-pans with 3-leg to cook or bake soup, meat, pancakes, langoš or gulaš on the logfire. Or use the metal sausage-sticks to fry your sausages in the evening. (We have them also for sale). There is also a BBQ (on charcoal) without any costs at your disposal.

Information panel:

There are 2 big information panels on the campsite on which you can see openinghours of the little shop in the village, bus- and train-schedule, tips for nice daytrips, good restaurants, handy pizza delivery, a map of the area, other usefull information, and of course .... THE WEATHER! This is update every day, by using the most reliable site for this region,  At the information panel there is also a bell/ringer as reception, which you can use during the mantioned hours and of course in case of emergency.


For the children there are several adventures swings, and a trampoline. In 2016, a professional zip line/cable ride was added, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the campsite. This is suitable for both children and adults :) Possibilities for volleybal, badminton and table-tennis, 2 small socker-goals available. Usage of childrens playground at your own risk, parents are responsible for their own children.

fac speeltoestellenfac speeltoestel_2




On a farm-campsite there should be animals.... and there are a lot of animals living here indeed! It feels so wonderful to be surrounded by them ...  especially the young animals provide a lot of joy for young and old. Come and enjoy this with us!

We have a sheep herd with lambs, chickens and chicks, rabbits, cats and dogs. As you can see on the pictures, they are all best friends ..... The children are allowed to pet them and can learn to treat them the right way. They can help feed the animals every day at 8.30.

fac dieren_1

fac dieren_2











Cuddle box:

Especially for the young rabbits we have made a rabbit-cuddle-box. They love to run around in the grass, and the herbs (also known as weeds) that grow between the grass are eaten first! The cuddle box is 2 by 2 meters, and very popular with children and adults. Everyone who likes to can sit with the rabbits while they are mowing our lawn :) 

fac knuffelboxfac knuffelbox 2





Feeding the animals:

In the summertime you can help feed and take care of the animals every day at 8.30 am. For many children this seems to be the highlight of the day ….. Now and then there can be born some small animals .... Together we will feed the chickens, chicks, rabbits and sheep, sometimes you can give a small lamb a bottle of milk, or take the sheep to a new pasture. This way you also learn what each animal is allowed to eat. 

fac dieren voeren 1fac dieren voeren 2

 fac dieren voeren 3


fac stekker type E

There a enough electric hook-ups of 10A. You need a plug type E for this on our campsite. The sockets in Slovakia look like the attached picture, they have a metal pin, so in your plug there must be a hole Most modern european plugs have this possibility. Do you have a power cable with the large blue camping plug? Then an adapter to the E-plug is required! 


After payment, you can use the washingmachine at the back of the bathhouse, to take care of the laundry during your stay. There is a big washing line on the terraces behind the swimmingpond, where you can hang it to dry. In bad weather you can hang your laundry at the back of the bathhouse under the roof. It is also possible to let laundry dry in the dryer. Since everyone likes to have hot water for showering and dishwashing, we advise in the general interest to wash clothes as much as possible in the washing machine, and not by hand. A machine washes much more effectively, with less water, and using only cold tap water. This leaves more hot water for showering and doing the dishes, which is nice for everyone. To support the use of the washing machine the asked price is as low as possible, and it includes washing powder and softener. Small handwashes (2-4 pieces) can be washed in the sinks for dishwashing, we do not have a special facility for this. 


fac milieu tekstWe take care of the environment and invite you to do that too. Any adjustments/innovations at the campsite are made as sustainable as possible. The sinks and toilets are adjusted for less water consumption, all shower heads are water-saving (still giving you a nice shower!), all lighting is provided with energy saving bulbs, and dark/ligh and motion sensors. The disposal point for chemical toilets is separately outside the building and provided with a hose for cleaning by well water. Please use natural/biological chemicals in your chemical toilet only. (A bit of vinegar and dishwashing liquid is working very well!).Of course, separation of all garbage is needed all year, so also in the holidays!. We have a separationpoint with containers and big-bags under the roof at the main road.

Separation of waste and garbage:

fac vuilnis tekstWe like to take care of the environment as good as we can. We separate all waste as much as possible together with our guests. We can separate: Paper, all glas and plastics , metal/cans. Our animals love to take care of all eatable green-waste, you can put it in the basket that hangs on the wall at the main building-entrance to kitchen. All  other green-waste (= almost nothing!) can be put on the compost heap behind the herb garden at the parking lot. Empty batteries you can hand in to us personally. The containers are under the roof between the two barns at the road,  with a clear description how to separate. Please take your time for this, thank you! Empty vegetable/jam jars (+lid) can be put at the designated places near the dishwashingfacilities in the main building, these will be reused.